Women Empowerment

How we can empower women


We can help women to develop entrepreneur and vocational training as a  way to help them in entering the market with confidence and greater abilities

Women empowerment through self-reliance and financial independence can be achieved by providing vocational training, through which women can either start up something of their own or take- up a job. Serve Nawaka  has set up various  Recycled Arts and Crafts classes to make women self-sufficient and confident.

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Empowering Women through  Recycled Arts and crafts help women to find employment and reduces poverty….. Using recycled materials gives individuals the opportunity to use their imagination in creating unique and original works of art

Training program materials for beadwork, knitting and crocheting  women fashion and marketing , sewing and dressmaking machine,  cutting tools, fabric and handmade crafts supplies.  business and enterprise, micro finances and save money  trainer.

Aim to train women and youths in Recycled arts and crafts, organises workshops in various arts and crafts, explore the history of recycled art and learn how to make many things using discarded materials and trash or old stuff.

The community arts and crafts projects make a positive contribution toward educating and environment and economic growth.

The is driven by overpopulation, unemployment, educational failure, addiction and trauma, the breakdown of the family, lack of sanitation and safe drinking water, epidemic diseases such as HIV and malaria, environmental and waste management problems.

 By providing Educational awareness to the community give them opportunities to acquire the knowledge, values, attitudes, commitment and skills needed to protect and improve their environment.

Also providing vocational training in arts and sewing ,this will help unemployed women and youth to become self-sufficient and confidents as well helping environment

Our mission is to inspire more 100 women and 100 youth from Embulbul slum to achieve their full potential and help them to break cycle of poverty


Making beautiful products from discarded materials such as paper beads, fabrics bags, basket, mats, rugs and knitwear, sewing, knitting, crocheting weaving etc


Materials required to empower women


  1. Spaces for the empowerment of Women in Arts and Crafts Projects
  2. 4 sewing machines will provide opportunities to learn dressmaking
  3. Materials and tools, tables, chairs,
  4. Financial assistance to pay a trainer
  5. Fabrics, yarns, offcut materials
  6. Handmade crafts supplies
  7. Business and enterprise training
  8. Marketing our products on line training

By providing sewing and tailoring training to 50 women and youth who are interested to full fill their daily bread and meeting expenses of their children.

The interested women and youth will be trained in upcycled fashion, arts and designing skills as well as tailoring.

The course duration is 6 months for basic cutting & sewing, next the participants can progress to the next level which is training in detailed art & creativity.

The project period will be one year, and they can succeed in the venture, take on a job or start up a small business


The Story Behind PopIt

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Crochet & knitting Training

 Crochet and knitting classes are short practical courses intended to inspire and build women confidence in the craft by providing them with a broad knowledge of the skills and methods required for knitting at all levels..

Introduction to crochet supplies ,How to hold a crochet hook, How to make a slip knot ,How to crochet a chain stitch, How to single & double crochet stitch. We will also cover all the other basic crochet stitches.

One ball of yarn & hook provided
Tea, Coffee & biscuits
Taught in small group (4 persons per class)
Take crocheting to the next level within  4-weeks.

There is nothing better than knitting together with a whole bunch of ladies who share your passion for beautiful handmade projects

Classes are taught  every week on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday  from 2 pm to 4 pm.



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