Vocational Training for disadvantage Women and Girls in Embulbul, will be implementing in the area over a period of 12 months. Aim to train at less 200 women and girls who are most vulnerable,and empower individuals through appropriate skill development that leads to employment.

The organisation is focusing on the most underprivileged women and girls residing in Embulbul slum, who are seeking out a purpose for their life and desire to create change in their surrounding environment.

The women and girls of the area are mostly involved in household chores, they do not have any say in the family affairs and excluded from receiving higher education,they have to bear domestic violence, force marriage for dowry and sexual abuse that leads to early pregnancies and HIV and Aids .

The program will help to empower the girls ,women and the community. It will give them opportunities to earn their living and raise their children without fear and financial issues. We believe through recycling Arts and Crafts training and social development we can help to reduce poverty.

After researching which skills would provide the quickest earning opportunities the programs down to recycling. we choose to up-cycle and reuse our clothing ,fabrics to reduce the volume of textiles  and waste heading to landfill, most of time is free and helping to our environment.

We aim to motivate women  and girls  to join the vocational training  for three months  to learn basic tailoring course  and Arts and crafts skills ,which develop their basic knowledge  in hand stitching , weaving, beading crafts and tailoring. It will helps in developing skills for employment and self employ-ability  or start own business and generate income.

In the first three months they learn all the skills needed to be able to make unique handicrafts using different techniques like weaving, crochet,braiding, knitting, beading to make rag rugs,  mats, baskets, bags,ornaments jewelries etc  using recycled materials.

Training on tailoring, repair and sewing up-cycle fashion to provide and build vocational skills and knowledge in fashion and design that includes African cultural, up cycle fashions and design using recycled materials.

Training  includes the study through field visits to reuse ,collection centre, dump sites, landfills, and engagement in waste management activities such as composting, recovery, recycling, and reduction and safe measures in handling wastes.

If they are  successfully complete the advanced course, Nawaka will support them  to have access to quality and decent work so they can stand on their own feet and improve their livelihoods.

They will  feel empowered after completing the entire course and get job and  able to feed their children better and give their children good education with a bright future and smile .

Nawaka will develop the Recycled Arts and Crafts  curriculum  for the community ,Schools  and Recycle Rights


They will learn:

– How to use the equipment
– How to work with sewing machine

– How to find Materials (selecting & preparing)
– How to design their products

  • how to turn recycled waste into art works
  • The importance and value of art, craft and design
  • The importance of reusing and recycling resources
  •  How to  use Art to raise awareness
  •  How to Exhibiting  our artwork and display their creativity
  • Holding a recycled art competition in the community
  • Find a local  customers, sponsor and attract local media attentio