Women and youth empowerment

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Nawaka manages a wide-range of programs to support communities and better futures for the women and youth who live in  Embulbul  Our projects aim to meet our objectives,connecting communities, help to break cycle of poverty, encouraging enterprise and inspiring ideas through creative arts and awareness of recyling,

women empowerment

Helping women to gain opportunities to grow in society and to achieve a great potential goal by supporting women’s empowerment and Girl’s Edcation . Having an access to quality life, reducing poverty and promote Gender Equality to end violence against women and girls ,challenging attitudes and behaviours  by  educating and empowering community and to break the poverty.

Where poverty levels and gender inequality is high parents don’t see how girls education benefits their daughters or their family. The girls are expected to marry early to bring immediate returns in the form of dowry. Some girls worth cows and goats.

The husband is chosen by the girl father as early as age 12 years old  in exchange of cows and goats or money.

Knitting and Crochet

We are dedicated to empowering women in kenya by teaching them to knit and crochet  patterns.By teaching women who are struggling in marketable skill,and a way to produce income for themselves and for their families. By purchasing a knit or crochet item from Nawaka you’re giving back to women in the communties

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We are providing the tools necessary to introduce sustainable businesses in  handmade crafts beads making using  recycled materials, and bring economic stability to Embulbul community in Kenya


Upcycling sewing Project

Nawaka helping women to work their way out of poverty, by training how the how to sew and recycle texiles. It is perfect business to change community attitutes toward recycyling businesses.

Recycle texlies , keeps the community clean and reduces the burden of sending waste down to garbage dumps.

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Improving Girls' Education

Girls  dropouts out of school or force to terminate their education due early pregnancy, force marriage ,genital mutilation(FGM), poverty and other factors


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Gender Equality

Empowering women and girls contribute to the health and productivity of their families and their communities. Ensuring women’s full participation in the community and directly involved in decision-making, -develop solutions to set up sustainable businesses,

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Community Outreach

Educate women, youth and the communities on how to keep themselves safe  and understanding of the growing health crises in their communities like mental health, HIV & Aids and other social issuess that are affecting many familes

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Environmental Edudation and recycling awareness

Nawaka is working on a process to recycle textiles by turning worn out, old and fabrics, unwanted clothes into raw materials that can use for other purpose,save texiles from landfill and make products.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away, to be accountable for our waste, put efforts to clean up the environment and raise awareness of recycling and making value products from waste materials to become sustainable and contribute to environment and economic growth.

We are solving environment issues and creating opportunties for women and youth.


Clean-up our neighbourhood

Nawaka organising is the work of bringing people together to take action to clean-up around their community . Nawaka currently with community organisers who work with Embulbul community to reach out and listen, connect and motivate people to work together to identify and find solutions to issues concerns women and children and environment .

Recycling Awareness

Nawaka Africa challenge and support community to  recycle and convert their waste materials into art work that go beyond recyced item. Nawaka link with others Artist that are doing similar project to save the planet so they can take positive action and find  solutions to empower the youth and the communty.

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Recycle Textiles

Nawaka looking for a better ways to motivate people to get involved in their community projects, Nawaka bring people together to recycle old, worn out , unwanted clothes and textiles to reduce the waste turn the into new product that can be sold and being income to many families


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Youth program through Arts

Helping youth through art programs may be one of the most important steps we can take as individuals and as a society. Art is a valuable tool for discovering, exploring and interpreting reality.

We worked closely with boys and  girls age from 10 to 18  years old ,a group of 50 adolescent . We developed a bond with them and they looked up to us, they felt empowered and confident that they could also be successful in their project

The group enjoyed the sessions and every day they were motivated to learn new things in Arts and Life-skills,

We involved several trainings that are basic life skills classes to teaching youth about social and risks in the communities. We promote their activities through drama, dance story telling and fashion . Each Volunteer offered their skills and knowledge to empower youth to the brigher future.

Youth Life-skills Training

Based positive youth development program to reduce the risks of alcohol, drug abuse,violence , sex  and HIV and Aids by targeting the major social and psychological factors that promote risky behaviors.


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Drawing and Painting

Supporting young people living in Embulbul community who are underprivileged  to overcome barriers and progress.

Supporting the creative art and crafts , materials and proving safe, interesting places for youth

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Performing Art

The  performing arts encourage a child to explore their emotions, expanding their imagination and helping them develop their own, unique voice.

Youth Engagement

The young people had a good awareness of the benefits of engaging in the arts.  It was clear that the idea of the arts seemed very attractive to a lot of the youth. Many of them didn’t know how to
access the arts program  and  no  opportunities for them to access in the area.

However, when they got the opportunity to engage with Nawaka program and quickly they become passionate about it.


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