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Solid waste in Embulbul

Environmental waste with solid waste disposal pose major public health threats and environmental effects in the community.

The waste situation in Embulbul is a big problem with high risks to the environment and to the human health, from dumping rubbish on the street, drainages blocked, breeding mosquitoes, flies, vulnerable children playing in high-risk area, due to lack knowledge and awareness.

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle. Cut down on what you throw away, this way we can eliminate waste and protect our environment.

Recycling has no limit to what kinds of materials can be used to transform object into a valuable artwork.  

Recycling can promote self-growth and skills development, increase awareness of issues in societies.

It is important to educate young people on how help and make their community cleaner and a better place to live.

Raise awareness and participation in the elimination of pollution to reduce consumption, and develop business opportunities that inspires women and young people in Recycled Art and make meaningful contribution to their communities


  1. Collecting glass bottles, plastic bags, newspapers, clothes and other waste that would otherwise potentially end up filling landfills.
  2. Transform waste materials into works of art, creating items that exceed the economic, cultural, and social value into marketable products.
  3. Creating a self-sustaining business that can grow to meet the wider demands of the community for a long term
  4. Encourage and participate on clean- up day

Materials Required For Recycling activities

  1. Training site on where and what to collect,
  2. Tool and equipment to sort out materials,
  3. Collection points
  4. Recycling Bins,
  5. Pick Up trash vehicle & driver,
  6. Causal labours to collect and short out
  7. Meal on clean-up day
  8. Volunteers


community clean-up brings people together to clean, repair, and improve public spaces or other areas

A clean-up can bring a sense of community and responsibility to keep our homes and common areas safe and clean.

Clean-up projects will involve all kinds of public spaces , back streets,  communal area, riverbanks, schoolyards, playing fields, and  parking lots etc

Clean-ups show that people who use an area care about its appearance

Picking up trash and clean-up require one level of skills, imagination,

Many of the materials and services needed to do the job can be donated by local businesses and governments like gloves, bags ,protective clothing, vehicle etc

The whole community of cleaning up the site and encourage the idea of partnerships and friends working together.

A neighbourhood clean-up program

Clean-Up aims to raise environmental awareness in different communities. We need help from youth, women and a community, it can be challenge because many people are busy with things. The cleanliness is health, beauty, absence of offensive odour and to avoid the spreading of dirt and contaminants to each other’s.

Recycle to save our planet

To promote waste reduction, recycling and reuse and create public awareness on waste management and environmental concerns.

Together we can make difference

Picking up litter helps to create cleaner place and prevent wildlife from chancing upon it. Everyone knows litter in the streets, communal area and community spaces is bad news. It costs a lot of money to clean up, creates hazards, drainage blockage, risk to human and animals and washes into waterways, people and animals drinks the same water


Working training on how to make products from recycled papers


Workshop for teachers, social workers and community support workers. It was held in Embulbul  Delieveler church ,to raise awareness of our environment

Youth recycle training

Educating and raise awareness of Embulbul waste mannagement and how we help to clean-up our community