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About us

Nawaka Africa is a non-profit organisation that is working towards women and youth’s empowerment and supporting local environment projects in Embulbul, Ngong, Kajiado, Kenya.

The Nawaka Africa organisation was founded in 2018 as a grassroots self-help group run by volunteers as a Women & Child Development project . It later became a Community Based Organisation (CBO) and registered in 2020 in Kenya under social and community development.

We started hosting different workshops on different topics including Child abuse & neglect, Domestic violence, Drugs & alcohol abuse, Mental health issues, Cancer & HIV awareness, our aim is to share the skills and knowledge that benefit the community and bring people together to support the community.

We donated countless hours of our time, money and skills to ensure that women and children are able to gain access to information, training and skills that are necessary for them to learn, so they can lift themselves and their children out of poverty.

We listened to the women from the communities sharing their stories and how much they need to lift themselves up. Many women wants to be financially independent and to support their families. Due to the lack of education and experience, they are limited on the opportunities available and employment prospects are limited.

Our story

We began our research (via YouTube and Google) on how and the way to motive and empower women and children. Nancy brought up an idea of making products from recycled materials,  she saw the women in Kibera making beautiful jewellery from recycled paper magazines. The women started making paper beads and they realized that it is fun and there is so much they can do with recycled papers including teaching other women and their children at home to do the same.

Then Nawaka started collecting more magazines, plastic bags, clothes in order to make paper beads, floor mats, rugs, baskets and many more products. It sounds boring and dirty work but we pick recycling crafts as our form of activity because it is fun and comes with the benefit of earning us extra money and contributing to the environment.

It was a quite time-consuming process, but a great way to recycle, make money, help our environment by reducing the waste going into landfill.

Women love it and found that it is relaxing and therapeutics for them. Their life becomes more purposeful and interesting on cutting and rolling the papers and then turning them into a wide range of colourful necklaces, bracelets, earrings as well as other beautiful accessories, it was a great achievement.

We start encouraging people to buying our products, contribute to a cleaner environment and create employment and a sustainable income to benefit women and children in their community.

We got a good reaction and people appreciated our work, finding our product interesting and valuable, which brought hope and smile to many women.

The beads are less expensive, light weight, long-lasting and everyone loves it and there is a huge market for selling recycled products.

Working with women

A group of women who meet regularly at workshop to talk and spend time together. They collaborate and help each other in making beautiful products from discarded materials such as paper beads, fabrics bags, basket, mats, rugs and knitwear. They expressed their desire to learn new skills and gain some financial stability.


Working with Youths

With support from volunteers and cooperate in the area generously contributions of training  materials ,space, food,firewoods,skills  facilitators. We started a youth program with engaging activities to bring them closer to the creative arts, performing, fashion and sports, so they can express themselves and learn and develop their confidence and skills.

Working with Recycled Materials

Reduce, Reuse and Recycle help to cut down on the amount of waste we throw away, accountable for our waste,  put efforts to clean up the environment and raise awareness of recycling and making value products from materials to become sustainable and contribute to environment and economic growth.

Promote, Empowerment, Education & Recycle

Our smart goal is provide and promote sustainable development to help women and girls and communities to access educational opportunities, health care and economic empowerment. We work to increase awareness of environmental and social responsibility and Gender Equality to improve life of women and children in Africa.

Women Empowerment

Helping women to gain opportunities to grow in society and to achieve a great potential goal by providing transformational training and development that helps them to break the poverty cycle

A good Community

We are passionate about helping people work together to identify and find solutions to things that can help. We are proud to support women, children and their community in the  Kenya,

Postive Impacts

Nawaka Africa works tirelessly to help people overcome challenges in their lives and we are passionate about brighter futures for young people and the community. We support young people through Arts.We are working together to help overcome barriers to employment and education and free of poverty and crimes.

Inspiring Ideas

We love ideas  of community clean-up, recycling  waste, making products and enterprise that make local communities better places to live and work. Our exciting ideas of empowering women and youth through creative Arts using recycled materials.

Embulbul community to feel the benefits of the economic growth by being in work , healthy and in a cleaner environment, so they can enjoy a good quality of life.

Meet our volunteers

A group of local volunteers who are passionate to give back to the community, we donate countless hours of our time and skills to ensuring that women and children are able to gain access to information, training and skills that are necessary for them to learn,


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Pauline Njoki


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