Nawaka Community Services projects

We are a non-profit community organization dedicated to creativity that connects art and community. Our mission is to educate, empower and provide an art and crafts education and raise awareness of recycling for everyone in a fun and easy way to learn and overcome negative feelings.

Our aim is to train women and youths in recycled arts and crafts, organise workshops in various arts and crafts, explore the history of recycled art and learn how to make many things using discarded materials and trash or old stuff.

The community arts and crafts projects make a positive contribution towards educating and the environment and economic growth.

Transforming communities and making a social impact

Empower & educate women and children to Success

Nawaka helps to improve the lives of women, girls and youths and support local environmental projects and participate in raising awareness in the community about recycling, pollution, health issues, domestic violence, drugs and alcohol and mental health.

We are dedicated to share knowledge, skills, and awareness amongst the poorest in society with emphasis on empowering women and youth in the Embulbul community through several measures such as education, training, coaching, counselling, and several other measures. 

Empowering Women through Recycled Art and Crafts

 A group of women who meet regularly at our workshop to talk, create and spend time together. They collaborate and help each other in making beautiful products from discarded materials such as paper beads,  fabric bags, baskets, mats, rugs  and knitwear. They expressed their desire to learn new skills and gain some financial stability.

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Girls Education

Knowledge is our most powerful engine of production. When women are given equal opportunites, communities are empowered to lift themselves out of poverty.

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Youth Engagement

Young people have the power and the passion to transform their communities. Giving children the supplies and opportunities to engage in art activities is great. It lets them express themselves as well as learn and practice new skills.

Raise Environmental Awareness

It is important to keep our community clean so that humans, animals, and plants are not exposed to pollutants that can harm them.  Nawaka Africa will join other EmBulBul Associations to raise awareness and to assist the clean up of the neighbourhood. Encourage women and youth to participated in community activities .

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